The "The Conscious Musician" program to improve the quality of life of professional musicians. image

The "The Conscious Musician" program to improve the quality of life of professional musicians.

We are excited to announce our program "The Conscious Musician"

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We are excited to announce our program "The Conscious Musician" and we want to invite you to be a part of this wonderful initiative. Our goal is to support talented young individuals who wish to explore the world of music in a conscious and transformative manner.

What does our program entail?

"The Conscious Musician" program consists of five modules that delve into essential aspects of musical performance. From body awareness in instrumental execution to emotional development in musical interpretation, this 40-hour course equips students with the necessary tools to grow as musicians and as individuals.

Scholarships for 10 Students

We aim to make this program accessible to all talented young individuals dreaming of a musical career. That's why we are offering scholarships to ten passionate and dedicated music enthusiasts.

Join us on this journey to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of conscious musicians. Your support is crucial to achieving our goal and making music a powerful force for change.

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us to transform musicians lives. Join the cause today!

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Testimonials Speak for Themselves

The Conscious Musician is an illuminating book for performers and teachers of a musical instrument. It is an important book in which the relationships between mind, body and spirit are analyzed in relation to the musical act. It provides practical tools to achieve a balance that will allow musicians to reach a higher level of performance and to improve their musical discourse and their enjoyment of performance itself. Highly recommended!”

Arón Bitrán, Cuarteto Latinoamericano

The Conscious Musician offers a very revealing vision of an educational tradition that in many schools and conservatories has not changed in centuries; the tradition of teaching violin through a mechanical vision. In this brilliant book, Derbez goes beyond this limited approach and offers a synthetic and practical analysis of the elements on which musical performance rely: body and mind. But the most valuable contribution offered by this book is that it is sustained by the genuine experience of its author, with all of the empirical support of 15 years’ work as a teacher.”

Gabriel Pliego, President, Mexican Suzuki Association

“Stage fright, anxiety and mental blocks are some of the feelings that performers experience in different moments of their careers. The exercises proposed in this book help the performer to find a balance between mind and body so as to express music in its true dimension. As a conductor and violinist, I enjoyed every chapter of this book. I recommend this admirable work to students, professionals and the general public.”

Marco Parisotto, Conductor, Ontario Philharmonic

“Through each page of this work, I identified with the experiences described by the author, who shows us the path towards a better understanding of the elements that make up music, such as sound, rhythm and breathing. It also guides us to find the way of focusing our energy in order to fully feel and enjoy the music. A work that will undoubtedly be a fundamental tool in the world of music.”

Mónica Anguiano, Manager, Ontario Philharmonic

The Conscious Musician provides musicians and artists with an incomparable instrument for technique and daily practice. To follow Paulina Derbez’s advice requires some profound work, which is worth the effort. The author has made hitherto inaccessible theories understandable. A universal book, a true revolution!

Fabbiene Tamó, painter and visual arts teacher